The Devil Herself

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.12.32 PM


With a name like Faust, you don’t get far in life before someone calls you a devil.


My name is Katie, and as a child, I did not like most food–not even dessert. Since food is necessary to survive, though, I soon set out to create easy, delicious recipes that would make me excited to munch!

Since my family is easily overwhelmed by my tendency to overdo (and over-celebrate), I’ve created this space as a way to share what I create without driving my family nuts! I’ve always been a writer and even worked as a journalist for a bit, so hopefully that will translate with my blog.

I hope you enjoy.


Thinking of sharing my work? Thank you!
All writing, photography and illustration on Faust Bakes is copyright Katie Faust (© 20014-15) unless indicated otherwise.  A photograph or two may be used if provided with a link to this website.


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