Cookie Soldiers and Candy Dippy Egg

Happy day after Easter, everybody! You know what I love more than holiday candy? Holiday candy on sale. The day after a holiday is the best day for hitting up those candy aisles, filling your cart to the brim, and inducing a sugar coma for less than $10. It’s awesome.

Easter candy is a little rough, though. Have you noticed it’s all the same things, over and over? Lots of plain chocolate shaped as different animals. Lots (and I mean lots) of jelly beans. And of course, marshmallows (a.k.a. Peeps). It gets a little boring, especially when trying to eat my entire weight’s worth.

Cookie Soldiers and Candy Dippy Eggs

Did I give up and give in to the boring candy?No! I played with it, like any sane adult. And this, my friends, has got to be the most giggle-inducing concoction I came up with today. I loved it so much that, even though there’s basically no step-by-steps needed, I’m still writing one up for you.

These are candy dippy eggs and cookie soldiers. It’s a sugar take on a classic European breakfast. The breakfast dish consists of toast sliced into thin strips that are used to dip into the soft, creamy center of a soft boiled egg. It’s fabulous, one of my favorite quick breakfasts.

These eggs looked adorable served up on an egg plate. I couldn’t get over how realistic they looked, from their shape down to the shards of shell! It really sold the dippy egg experience. I shared these with my sister, who loves creme eggs but hates soft egg yolk. It was fun to give her an experience that she could eat and enjoy.

In all, this craft (which is what I would consider it more than a recipe) took about an hour, start to finish. It was a great activity to do after Easter baskets had been found and lunch was over. As I’ve said before, I hate it when holidays end after the morning, and this helped extend the celebrating.

For the cookies, I used a shortbread cookie recipe, which you can find here. I recommend shortbread because it has a mild flavor that leans on butter rather than sugar. It doesn’t get lost in the ultra-sweet flavor of the fondant filling. Additionally, the crumb is very soft but dense. It lends well to the experience of toast.

I didn’t take any photos of the baking process because I didn’t anticipate this becoming a  post, but I have another idea for those bread cookies, so stay tuned. I’ll have a detailed step-by-step for those coming soon.


1 4-pack Cadbury creme eggs

8 oz white chocolate melts

2 tablespoons vegetable shortening

4 thin wooden skewers


Unwrap eggs and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.

In a cylindrical microwave dish, similar to a water glass, microwave the chocolate melts at 30 second intervals, stopping to stir thoroughly between each round. Continue this process until fully melted.

While still hot, stir in the vegetable shortening. This thins out the chocolate, allowing for a smoother coat. It also adds a nice sheen to the chocolate once it dries.

Using a small paring knife, gently make a hole at the bottom of the eggs. Dip the sharp end of the wooden skewers into the chocolate, then insert into the eggs. Return to the freezer for 10 minutes.

Once properly chilled, dip eggs into the melted chocolate, turning to ensure consistent coating. Remove from chocolate and tap skewer against the side of the cup gently, removing excess chocolate. Stick somewhere to dry straight up and down, such as a block of styrofoam. Beware; the excess chocolate will continue to drop off the egg. Have parchment or wax paper down to catch the drippings.

Allow to dry on the counter at room temperature until hardened, about 20 minutes. Crack open and serve, dipping whatever you’d like into them–cookies, pretzels, more chocolate, toffee . . .


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