How To: Beef Jerky Bouquet & Valentine Napkin Fold

My husband is always a pain to shop for around Valentine’s Day. As I’ve mentioned before, he doesn’t like sweets very much. To make matters worse, right now he’s on a diet. I had to get very creative with his gift this year, and that’s when I stumbled upon beef jerky bouquets.

Have you heard of these? They’re amazing. Intricate flowers made out of various types of jerky. I saw a perfect bunch here but was shocked at the price. Jerky is expensive, I understand that, and bouquets take a lot of jerky, but I just couldn’t justify $70 plus for a Valentine’s treat.

Rather than give up on the idea entirely, or settle on the less exciting non-flower version, I buckled down and got to work on my own version.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say mine looks just as good as the name brand—it doesn’t! But I think with practice, I’ll improve. And with the amount I saved on this bouquet, I’ll be able to practice making it many times over.

Cutting to the chase—my husband loved these flowers. He is such a fan of jerky and thought the flowers were a really cool idea. He loved that I put them in a new pint glass. If I had really been thinking ahead, I would’ve gotten a personalized one from online. I think the ribbons and hearts worked just fine in a pinch, though.

I gave it to him during a romantic dinner, the setup for which I fell in love with. While I could have used the jerky bouquet for our centerpiece, I couldn’t resist those red roses when I saw them in the market. They’re what inspired the rest of the table. Deep reds, bright golds—it all just screams Valentine’s Day.

How adorable are those envelope napkins? I got the idea from an image I saw somewhere on the internet. I thought they looked like little Valentine’s on the plates. I’ve included a tutorial below for those, as well.

Click here for the tutorial.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you aren’t here for the pitch—you’re already intrigued by jerky bouquets. I’ll cut this intro short and get into it, then.


Beef Jerky Bouquet

Items Needed

About 6 oz. of beef jerky (any flavor)*

About 4 Slim Jim Giant Sticks

Flower shaped cookie cutter

Sharp knife or kitchen scissors


Vase or beer glass


  1. Cut out flower shapes using a cookie cutter, and if necessary, use a sharp knife or scissors to completely cut out the desired shape.
  2. Cut out center pieces of the flowers, circles.
  3. Measure jerky sticks, which will be the stems, against the height of the vase or glass you’re using.
  4. Pierce the center of a jerky flower using the tip of the knife, making sure to go all the way through. Do the same with the center circle, but DO NOT go all the way through—stop about halfway through.
  5. Insert a toothpick all the way through the jerky flower, leaving a small bit sticking out one end. Set the circle center on the small bit sticking out.
  6. Attach the flower to the stem base using the large bit of remaining toothpick.
  7. Cut leaf shapes from jerky. Use a toothpick to attach to stem base.
  8. Any excess toothpick sticking out from the leaves, sever using a dowel cutter. As a note, I purposely left toothpick visible on the leaves so my husband wouldn’t be able to find and easily remove it—you don’t want anyone choking on Valentine’s Day!
  9. Arrange jerky flowers in vase or beer glass. Use scrap jerky pieces to stabilize the stems along the bottom of the glass.
  10. Optional, decorate with ribbons and hearts.
  11. Give to your Valentine and wait for a great, big thank you!

It’s very easy, and you don’t need a lot of practice to pump these babies out. All in, I think it took me an hour start to finish to make this bouquet. I had wished I had gotten more jerky to make more flowers, but I had to remember that these flowers have about 8 oz. of jerky in them!

In the end, it was one of the easiest treats I’ve made my husband for Valentine’s Day, and he told me it was his favorite. 


*I used chunked beef jerky, which is pretty easy to find in most stores. There are slabs of beef jerky available online, though, which would probably be easier to use.

Check out the rest of the tutorials below!

Valentine Card Napkin Fold

One thought on “How To: Beef Jerky Bouquet & Valentine Napkin Fold

  1. Thanks for this great tutorial and cute pics! For the life of me, I could not figure out how the company made these and I really wanted to DIY them for a personal touch.

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